With so many countryside events cancelled this year, it was great to see the Newport Show on as usual.  It helps that the showground itself is purpose-built, and exceptionally well draining.  Nonetheless, although the weather held during the morning, the heavens opened in the afternoon, testing even the Newport infrastructure.  This did mean that some of the main ring entertainment was curtailed, but all in all, the organisers of the event are to be congratulated for keeping the show going despite the testing conditions.

Some pictures from the morning while the sun still shone!




When the heavens opened, everyone took shelter in the horticultural tent!

My two successful entries (of seven!) – raspberry jam, and gooseberries:


Bit disappointed that my peas (which looked so good!) didn’t get placed, but clearly I have much to learn in the world of vegetable showing!  Still, there’s always next year, eh?  😉