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Generosity at Christmas

Remember my charity wreaths?  Well, thanks to the generosity of local people, they raised £51.21 – far exceeding my original expectations.  I’ve sent the cheque off to World Horse Welfare today.

By the way, if things are a bit quiet on the blog front over the next few days, it’s because I had a bit of an accident on Friday night and dropped my laptop.  Hard drive bust.  Lost everything.  And the insurers obviously think it’s a bit suss, ‘Ooh, I’ve dropped my laptop a week before Christmas – can I have a new one?!’ So they want to pick it up and test it themselves and they can’t come until 3rd Jan….so it might be a bit quiet over the festive season…..  😦


24 Hours to Save Our Seas

EU ministers meet in 24 hours to negotiate 2012 fish quotas – follow the link to add your name to those urging ministers to heed the advice from scientists to set limits which allow fish stocks to recover to sustainable levels.

Window update

Well, turns out that when they checked, our house is listed (we didn’t think so, but we’re not going to argue) so guess what?  Some more nice men are going to come out to re-measure the windows for wooden replacements!!!   Yahoooo!!!

Am so chuffed.  But quietly so – just in case it’s not true and it doesn’t happen.  Imagine – being warm, but still having authentic windows which are a pleasure to look at! 

I’m guessing they won’t be in for Christmas somehow!  But hey, the best things in life are worth waiting for, aren’t they?! 😉

I think I might have found the perfect charity!  Book-Cycle []  They collect unwanted books and make them available to the public and collect donations in return – the money is used to help communities in developing countries by providing educational resources.  They also collect unwanted tree saplings, promote wildlife issues and encourage reforestation of rural England, provide free trees, and information on self-sustainability and self-reliance (e.g. growing your own food). They’re even involved with independent film screenings, and art exhibitions.  Could these guys tick any more boxes??!

There’s only one downside I can see – they’re based in Exeter, so a bit of a trek for me at the moment.  Still, when we move to Exmoor….  😉

Have been watching some of the Great British Property Scandal series on Channel 4 and have added my name to their on-line petition [see for details].  At the time of writing, they’re at 94,485 names – which is better than yesterday, but not climbing the massive heights that, say, Hugh’s Fish Fight petition managed.  Is this because we care about food more than houses (or fish more than homeless people) in this country?!  Or because Hugh’s message was more clear-cut?  Or because it’s relatively early days in this campaign? 

I’ll be keeping an eye on the site over the next few days with interest. More power to George, Phil and the lovely Kevin!  😉

Thought it was about time Douglas (our potted Christmas tree) started to come in to get used to the inside temperature before the outside temperature plummets too much. 

He’s in the dining room which, without the fire being lit, is probably only a couple of degrees warmer than outside anyway – so he should be fine!!  We’ll keep an eye on him over the next few days, and then he can take his place standing on the chest of drawers in front of the window and be decorated.  It would be too hot for him in the lounge with the log burner going, and in any case there’s no room for him now – he’s grown a bit since last Christmas! 😉

So, those first earlies I put in right at the beginning of the year – and harvested in the summer – well, they’re coming up again!  I must have missed the odd one from each plant because I have near perfect new rows coming up!  It’s just a bit bizarre.  I wasn’t intending to put potatoes in that patch again in 2012 – thinking of blight and so forth – I was intending to put the potatoes back in the old veg plot and move some of the other veggies to the new one.  But apparently nature has other ideas. 

I think what I’ll do is leave them for the moment, start another ‘proper’ crop in the old bed as planned, and fit the rest of the veg in and around as necessary.  They may of course get killed off by the winter weather anyway and come to nothing.  As with everything in the garden, time will tell.

Am attempting to raise some money for World Horse Welfare by selling (or asking for donations for) homemade Christmas Wreaths.  They are all made from recycled materials – the bases are made from an old artificial Christmas tree which was going to be thrown out last year, the trimmings, bits and pieces saved from all sort of things.  I think, since they cost nothing to make, they look great (though, they aren’t terribly robust!).