I’ve only just put my onions in.  Given that the pack suggests planting them any time between September and December, I admit I’m rather behind.  But surely if I’d put them in at the time suggested, the poor things would have simply rotted away by now.  So I comfort myself with the thought that the good gardener has to work by the seasons given, not by the book…

This morning felt like the garden had suddenly woken up after winter – or rather, it had been awake for a while, I’d simply not noticed in the snow and the wind and the rain.  Today was unseasonably mild, and the birds were singing.  It was a day for doing stuff.  So I cleaned out the hens, and dug the last of the parsnips up, and generally tidied the plot a little.

The garlic (planted correctly at the right time!) is growing strongly in its raised bed, but otherwise the garden is a sorry sight at the moment.

Only the hens, chuntering and clucking and getting under my feet as I dig, make the place feel properly alive.  Give it another couple of weeks though, and I bet everything will start looking different.

Apologies for neglecting my blog as I have done the garden over these winter months.  With spring on the horizon, expect to see more posts! 🙂