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OK, so all of you iPod Touch and iPhone users out there have probably come to take the whole “app” thing for granted now, but I’m a newbie at all this, so you’ll have to forgive my childish excitement.

Discovered an RHS app yesterday [Grow Your Own] which gives advice on a range of common fruit and veg – sowing, growing and harvesting info, common problems, etc. But best of all, after you’ve chosen the veg you want to grow and put them in “my garden”, the app sends you little reminders about things you ought to be doing to care for the particular type of veg that month.  So clever!

Anyway, another glorious day of sun – so a few more minutes out in the garden today.  Put in a couple of runner bean plants, plus weeded the herb garden, and staked the pea plants [peas not included in the list on the RHS app, unfortunately!].



Managed to get back in the garden this morning for a bit.  So therapeutic – a few minutes weeding or digging, and all’s right with the world. Doctors should prescribe gardening, rather than pills, to combat stress and so forth.

Got the remainder of the seed potatoes in – so that’s the whole patch complete.  The earlies are coming along beautifully, so I’m hoping we’ll have a good crop this year – and perhaps better spread so they don’t all mature at the same time!