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Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping 2011 will be a year of great things….and much fun!



With the garden no longer frozen solid, I thought now might be a good time to start work on my proposed new potato patch, but I’ve struck a bit of a problem.  The first three or four spadefuls of soil were fine, but then I hit some very stoney ground, which promptly turned out to be…old tarmac.  It appears I’ve chosen a spot which at one time was a wide path, or perhaps hard standing for a shed or similar. 

I’ve started work at the other end of the plot which is – thankfully – all soil so far, but I may have to have a re-think about the size and shape of the plot.  Or perhaps I’ll go for raised beds instead at the tarmac end.


As this patch has just been grassed over for ages, I’m digging in a mix of compost from our heap, well-rotted horse manure and a bit of ash from the fire.  Not very scientific, and not sure exactly what potatoes require, but I thought this should provide a good mix of nutrients.  In any case, we’ve grown potatoes two years running in broadly the same area, which is an no-no according to all the books, so this has to be an improvement.

I’ve decided to just do a couple of rows at a time for fear of pulling so many muscles I won’t be able to move!  😉

Last Day of Advent!


Merry Christmas everyone!  😉

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Oh dear – frayed bells!

Advent – Day 17


At last, have loaded the camera software so can post better quality pictures than the ones taken on my phone!  😉