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Lacking the necessary forward planning/energy to collect more manure today, I decided to dig another couple of rows of the veg plot and used some of the compost instead (main advantage – compost heap approx 18 inches from veg plot!).  Took off the top layer of largely unrotted straw (from a past mucking out of the hen house) from the centre section of the compost heap, and beneath was riches – lovely dark crumbly compost, with hundreds of worms. 

I cleared the whole centre section which just neatly filled two trenches – so hopefully the wonderful worms are now doing good work in their new, much larger, home – making the soil rich and nutritious for future plants.  It was a very satisfying hour’s work.


First preparations begun.  Started collecting manure from the yard, and digging it into the veg beds. I rather think this is going to be a slow task undertaken over several days!  (Weeks?!)


And the seeds and onions have been purchased and are ready to go in when the digging is done and the weather is right.

Small steps – but spring will soon be here….

Went to let the hens out this morning, and one was lying dead in the straw near the door.  Very sad.  Hens have no respect for each other – the others were just stepping over (and sometimes on) her to get out.  I presume she was the one who was tucked up asleep one evening recently when I went to shut them in.  Thinking about it now, it was unusual. 

I guess I’m going to have to get used to them dying of old age/natural causes, rather than premature fox murder, now they’re generally safe in their run.  When we just had the small coop, they mostly got clobbered before they had a chance to reach old age.

We’ve buried her under the big apple tree where all the hens like to spend a lot of time, scratching around.  RIP, little girl.  😦

Just seen a brilliantly comic ad on the telly for a well-known leading brand of soap.  All these women ‘test’ various brands of soap by washing…er…mirrors with them.  All the mirrors (bar the one for the advert soap) are left with streaks running down them, apparently proving the other brands leave behind a “greasy residue” [oooh…shock, horror!].

Or perhaps just proving that soap is not a good product to use for cleaning mirrors! 😉