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Paper log update

Just in case there were any doubters following my initial enthusiasm about my paper log maker, just thought I’d better show some pictures of the paper logs I’ve made for the log burner.


Having had a clear out of (amongst other things) magazines and paperwork, we’ve no shortage of paper log-making material – so quite satisfying to turn a load of rubbish into a source of free fuel.  Even better than sending it out with the recycling.  😉


While the herb garden has flourished this year with all the rain, and the onions seemed to do ok in spite of the weather, the potato harvest has been a bit disappointing so far.  Each plant has produced fewer potatoes than I’d hoped, many of them have been got at, or have started to rot – or there’s one massive potato and loads of tiny ones.

Nonetheless, our leeks are flourishing, and I did manage to produce a very acceptable leek and potato soup yesterday.


The courgettes are doing well too – but this baby is just ridiculous:

Marrow for dinner forever then……!  😉