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Bought a rag rugger kit ages ago (we’re talking years) but never got round to doing it – a combination of laziness and a fear it might be trickier than it looks.  The instructions suggested it was dead easy, but so do the instructions for flat-pack furniture, so that didn’t mean anything.  Anyway, finally decided to have a go – cut up a load of fabric strips as per the instructions, got out the little rugger tool (nifty little gadget with a sprung clip which grabs the strips of material so you pull them through) – and lo…’s…erm….dead easy.   Feel a bit silly now for not having done it ages ago.

But it does use up a lot of material – so there was me thinking I’ve got plenty when in fact, this might not be the case. I can see me prowling round the house in search of more bits and pieces to cut up….. I might get carried away…. 

‘Jen, what’s happened to the curtains?’ 

‘Jen, where’s my favourite top?’ 



Last Day of Advent!


Merry Christmas everyone!  😉

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Oh dear – frayed bells!

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At last, have loaded the camera software so can post better quality pictures than the ones taken on my phone!  😉

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