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I’ve only ever attempted sweetcorn once before, and that was a more baby corn variety.  This was my first proper sweet corn harvest.  Like everything else in the garden this year, they suffered from not being in early enough, and not getting enough sun.  They’re not, even now so late on in the year, fully developed, but I had to get them off the plants before they rotted, or were eaten by something other than us!


They’re very attractive plants to grow though – adding a bit of statuesque grandeur to the garden – so I’d definitely consider growing them again.


Butternut Squash was a first for me this year.  Again, despite getting loads of flowers and developing squashes, the weather was too wet and most of them simply rotted.  Nonetheless, what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality.


We had them roasted, and they were absolutely delicious.  So will definitely be attempting to grow them again next year.

So, this represents my tomato crop this year (not including those tomatoes which were eaten by something else before I got to them, or the ones which simply rotted on the plant etc etc).

Impressive, huh?!  😦


Acton Scott Working Farm

Went to Acton Scott Farm yesterday where they film ‘Victorian Farm‘.  I’ve uploaded photos to the SlightlyTurquoise facebook page, so take a look.!/media/set/?set=a.455267294511293.97980.184153818289310&type=1

There are rather a lot of pictures of roofs, as I love the traditional wooden building structures!

It was great going out of season – we practically had the place to ourselves.  Saw new piglets, and a ploughing demo.   And so lovely to see real stalls that hadn’t been demolished, or converted into a tea room or a shop!

We have a greenhouse at last (thank you ma-in-law!).  It really seems to complete the productive part of the garden, filling in the gap between the raised beds.