Ok, so we didn’t go away for Bank Holiday weekend, and the weather might have been typically dismal, but we feel like we’ve had a break anyway.  Yesterday we had a lovely long lie-in, and this morning we went to the other extreme – out of bed early, and off for a walk.  It’s funny how when we’re away on holiday, going walking seems second nature, but at home, we tend to forget about all that there is to explore right on our doorstep.

So this morning, we headed from the house, out across the fields and down into Newport, following the canal – or what’s left of it.  The canal actually goes much further than we’d originally thought, and then the original route is marked with a footpath (another route to explore next time).  Doubling back, we headed through the town, to the walk route we’ve always been meaning to do since we moved here – and it’s a good job we did it now, given they’re likely to build a Sainsbury’s superstore on it in the near future.  Lots of local resistance, as to be expected – check out http://www.savenewport.co.uk/ for more information on the campaign against the development plans.  It seems criminal to dig up another bit of our green and pleasant land, when there are alternative brownfield sites available.

Cutting back through quiet country lanes towards home again, it was just like being on holiday – spotting gorgeous cottages and farms, and saying hello to the odd grazing pony.  We’ve also realised just how much more there’s left for us to explore another day.

And the weather might well have been a bit of a dampener on the Jubilee celebrations, but it’s done wonders for the garden – all the veggies have gone mad!  😉