Spring has properly sprung and managed to spend the whole day in the garden. Tidied up the herb garden, and finished digging the potato patch (whilst husband did a great job extending the patio – meaning I had less plot to dig!!). 

Last year, we had a bit of a domestic disaster when our crockery cupboard fell off the kitchen wall smashing everything (other than one small jug!).  So for months, we’ve had a large pile of smashed and chipped crockery bits lying around in the garden because I felt sure I could use them for something – if only I could think what! – and couldn’t bring myself to just chuck them away.  Well, today I had a bright idea – I smashed them all up into tiny pieces in a wheelbarrow and used the pieces to make paths between the raised beds.  We’re probably the only people with a path made from a random collection of cheap supermarket plates, old mugs, and bits of Royal Albert!

I’ve also used some window units we’ve acquired from friends over the last few months to cover the raised beds and protect the seeds sown this afternoon.  So far, I’ve put in: peas, lettuce, rocket, spinach and leeks.  The early potatoes are in, and so are the onions (under wire mesh to protect them from being unearthed by the hens’ rather aggressive gardening techniques).

All in all, a top day.  😉