As we are signed up for on-line gas bills, we get to use the nifty graph to see how our gas consumption compares year on year.  We’ve now had the log burner up and running for 13 months.  Our gas consumption for 2011-12 is staggeringly a third of the figure for 2010-11!  A third!  Granted, this winter has not seen the temperatures plummet as they did last year, but even so…it’s still a fairly incredible difference.  The house feels generally warmer because, unlike the central heating, we can have the log burner running pretty much all our waking hours (and sometimes well into the night).  And whilst we still have some problems with damp in the bedrooms, it’s generally less severe than it was. 

And the best thing?  If we just burn wood rather than coal, it’s carbon neutral and FREE!  😉