Laptop returned this morning, now mended, so at last I can get back to my poor neglected blog. It feels like I’ve been away for ever!  Funny how you get really dependent on having your own laptop to the extent it becomes almost impossible to function normally without one.  By the way, if anyone knows a way of (inexpensively) getting data off a broken hard drive, please let me know…! 

It’s not just the blog which has been lying idle.  I’ve done nothing in the garden yet – not got round to digging in any compost or manure.  I only just managed to clear half of the raised beds (though the hens ‘helped’ with that).  And my greenhouse is still a mere dream – the random collection of windows remain propped up against the house where they’ve been all winter. 

Talking of hens – for the first time, their egg production levels had dropped off a bit recently.  They are just starting to pick up again as of the last couple of days, but we’ve had a couple of weeks now of poor production.  I’ve given them a bit of a talking to, and lots of encouragement over the last couple of days when things have improved!

So maybe we’re all feeling a bit apathetic and wintery at the moment.  Roll on longer daylight hours, and sunshine. 😉