So, those first earlies I put in right at the beginning of the year – and harvested in the summer – well, they’re coming up again!  I must have missed the odd one from each plant because I have near perfect new rows coming up!  It’s just a bit bizarre.  I wasn’t intending to put potatoes in that patch again in 2012 – thinking of blight and so forth – I was intending to put the potatoes back in the old veg plot and move some of the other veggies to the new one.  But apparently nature has other ideas. 

I think what I’ll do is leave them for the moment, start another ‘proper’ crop in the old bed as planned, and fit the rest of the veg in and around as necessary.  They may of course get killed off by the winter weather anyway and come to nothing.  As with everything in the garden, time will tell.