Recently, Shropshire Council announced that residents would no longer be able to include cardboard in their garden waste bin as it could no longer be used in the formation of compost (there’s now a perceived problem with contamination from the inks and dyes, which is fair enough).  Now a campaigner has forced the Council to open up a debate on this issue after collecting over 1,000 signatures for his petition.  (See links attached.)  As he points out, some Local Authorities in Shropshire (Telford for instance, whose jurisdiction we fall under) separately recycle cardboard – presumably (I guess?) to make more cardboard.

Leaving aside my desire to get on my soap box about the term ‘garden waste’ [in my view, there shouldn’t be any – get a compost heap!  Even better, get three compost heaps!], remember recycling is the last option – after ‘reduce’ and ‘reuse’.  In our household, much of our cardboard ends up being used this time of year to help start the log burner off (I appreciate burning it has its own environmental issues, but if you have to use something to light your fires, it may as well be something you’re going to throw out anyway!).  And I’m guessing that currently there are no EU regulations banning a householder putting cardboard in their own compost.

Let’s hope Shropshire Council can implement the same collection facilities as Telford and Wrekin – after all, it seems to work for us.  In the meantime, we’ll be burning much of ours.