So, they came to measure up for replacement windows and doors today.  We have no choice in the matter – we’re in a tied cottage, and at the whim of the Council owners.  But of course, we love the house, and all the windows at the front are the originals (as far as we know) and, badly fitting, draughty and single glazed as they are, they’re charming, and I shall be sad to see them go.  I feel guilty – as though our transient needs are taking greater importance than the integrity of the house itself.

But of course, you have to think of the flip side of the environmental impact argument.  Think of the heat that will no longer be escaping through the gaps around the door seals, the thin single panes of glass.  That’s surely got to be better – hasn’t it?

And yet, I still have my reservations.  Because these replacements aren’t going to be lovely wooden frames, are they?  They’ll be uPVC – marvellous because they’re practically maintenance free!  But plastic.  Plastic!  I hate plastic.  Hate it because it’s non-renewable.  Hate it because you can’t paint it, or repair it when it starts to look sad and dull.  Hate it because we’ll no longer be able to have a green front door (which is a bit silly, but still an issue!). 

And will the windows be a faithful representation of the lovely originals?  Well, we’ll have to wait and see.