You’ll not believe this – after the disappearance of one of the chucks over the weekend, we’d assumed the worst.  Presumably she’d been snatched by a crafty fox and dragged off.  Or she’d hopped over the wall, wandered up the road and been knocked down by a car.  Whatever, we’d not expected to see her again.  So imagine our surprise when she wandered up the drive as my husband was clearing leaves.  Who knows where she’d been in her three-day absence, but we were very happy to see her back in the run. 

The following day, I dubiously let them out again, but at chuck-bed time there were, yet again, only eight hens in the gypsy caravan.  This time, our escapee was located in….the third compartment of the compost bins!

So, for the moment, they are staying in the run…  Sorry girls, but it’s for your own good.