When we started keeping hens, it didn’t occur to me that they would be so entertaining, but they really are as amusing as they are useful.  They are incredibly food focused (and I thought the ponies were greedy) – you only have to appear in the garden for them to be running up and down the edge of their run, eagerly awaiting whatever you might bring.  And their reactions when you throw something in for them are razor sharp and hilarious.  Like a very poor amateur football team chasing the ball around the pitch, they all run for the first morsel, then all turn and run again for the next piece you throw.  Most humorous of all is the hen who gets the prize – and runs with whatever it is in her beak, being chased by all the other hens so she can’t actually enjoy her feast anyway. 

But they are obviously thriving on their current diet of layers mash, pellets and corn, plus those extra kitchen scraps because they are laying better than ever at the moment.  We often get queries from other hen-keepers in the village about the productivity of our hens, and we always have to say yes, they are still laying.  Perhaps they’re just at the optimum age right now, or perhaps they’re just very happy hens.