No no, this isn’t going to be some do-goody post about not drinking tea because tea producers aren’t getting their fair whack, or because tea is made using child slave labour or similar…!

After a busy day, I’d just had a nice hot bath (sorry – I know it’s not very eco-friendly, but showers just don’t sooth those aching muscles in quite the same way) and I thought, I know, I’ll make a quick cuppa.  Ho…how was I to regret that!  First, I used the last of the milk in the carton that was open.  Went to the fridge to get another milk carton, and for a moment I thought there’d been a murder and someone had left some hewn off body part in the freezer compartment – then I remembered the bag of red currants I’d transferred into the little freezer bit of the fridge while I was defrosting the freezer yesterday.  Hmm…seems the little freezer compartment doesn’t actually freeze very well, hence red currant juice everywhere.  So I fetched a bowl and a cloth and started cleaning.  And of course I thought, hey, I’ve got a steady hand, I can pull out the very-full-of-icy-red-current-juice drip tray and just tip it into the bowl.  Ho no – straight over my trousers….eeek…!   Anyway, I finished cleaning the fridge, went back to the sink to empty the bowl, and saw the old empty milk carton.  This reminded me that I needed to put the recycling out for the collection tomorrow morning.  On my way back into the house I realised I should shut the hens away.  Then I had to go and change out of my damp trousers, and that made me think, well, the wash basket is quite full, perhaps I should put some washing on….so off to the washing machine I trotted.

And of course, guess what – by the time I got back to that cup of tea, it had gone cold!  😦