The garden is really starting to get properly productive now – lots of potatoes, onions, and plums, and we’re starting to use the parsnips and carrots now – though I fear the carrots will be mainly consumed by the ponies given they are all coming out as comedy shapes!  Clearly I was a bit ambitious with the new raised beds this year and should have worked the soil a bit more before expecting the carrots to cope.  Sure they’ll be better next year now the soil has been broken up and the manure sufficiently broken down and mixed in.  The parsnips are variable – some coming out a little stunted, and some fabulously straight perfect specimens – it’s just tricky to tell which is likely to be which from the stems when you’re trying to decide which to pull!

The broccoli is a bit of a disappointment – think it’s just going to go to seed.  This either means it’s not getting enough water or nutrients (which I can’t believe given the soil is incredibly good, and we had so much rain earlier) or else it’s just too hot (more likely).  Perhaps I should have gone for autumn sowing instead – so much for reading the info on the packet.  Another one to chalk up to experience.  Anyway, I’ve taken off all the flowers I can see in the hope that I can salvage some of the crop.

My next headache is to make use of the ground I’m now clearing as each crop comes to an end – this is the bit I’ve not really got the hang of yet.  Am so impressed by people who have small gardens which are really productive all year round – I have loads of space, but it’s all a bit boom or bust! 😉