Poorly hen didn’t make it….she died yesterday, and we buried her in the garden, and I cried because I felt I’d been a bad mum and should have been more vigilant when she first started to look a bit peaky.  😦

On the upside, the family had lots of success at Newport Show in the various horticultural classes.  Particular mention must be made of my husband’s THREE first prize-winning photos – a personal best for him.  Strangely, the raspberry jam which we’d thought had turned out so well was unplaced, but the blackcurrant jam came second, so I was dead chuffed with that.  Generally, turn-out at the show was high, and the weather held, so we had a great day.  Well done to the organisers once again.

Another “up” was eating some more of our fresh produce this evening – with potatoes, peas and carrots all straight from garden to pot.  Extremely pleased with both my new potato patch and my raised beds.

Here are the peas (before and after!) and the potatoes…..


And some small but perfectly formed garlic!