The “down” is that one of the chucks is ill – she’s looking very sorry for herself.  Have isolated her from her friends (in case it’s something infectious, and also because I thought she might be better off in the quiet of the little hen house rather than the mayhem of the main run.  Thought she might be egg bound, so (following accepted wisdom in the matter) I sat her in a bowl of warm water for a bit to see if I could ease it for her, but didn’t seem to make much difference.  I’ve also bought some herbal pellets for treating internal parasites, just in case it’s something which might affect them all.  I’ve left some in her feed, but she’s off her food anyway. 

The “up” is that we’ve just been to set up our exhibits for tomorrow’s show.  Looks like they’ve had a really good number of entries this year – the whole Horticultural tent seemed much more packed than it has done in previous years.  Lots of excellent photo entries from the photographers in our family.  Plus some fruit.  Very pleased with the presentation of my jams – but of course, it’s the taste which is most important, so we’ll see what the judge’s comments are tomorrow afternoon!   Love this whole show – love the fact you can take part in some small way and be a part of it, but there’s always lots of other stuff to see too.

Perhaps while I’m there tomorrow I’ll be able to pick up a book on Chicken Husbandry!  Seems like I need one…  😦