So, despite the fact that as I type this it’s raining here, in some areas of the country drought has now officially been declared, and concern is widespread in other areas (  Whilst we collect rainwater in a butt from the outhouse roof, and I do use that for the garden when I can, we cannot meet the demands of the whole veg plot in this way, so I’m afraid I use the hosepipe a lot.  If there’s a hosepipe ban, I fear my poor veggies will die which would be very galling given the amount of work I’ve put in this year.  We really should start thinking about more comprehensive water collection (some info on this at: though I’m not sure what would happen if everyone collected all their roof run-off water – would it make a difference somewhere else down the line because it’s no longer going into soak away?

Of course, we have our lovely recently installed shower now which must have made a difference to our household water consumption.  But sometimes there’s just no substitute for a long soak in a hot bath…and now I feel mildly guilty about indulging in this most simple of pleasures!