Had one of those flyers through the door the other day from a firm offering to install a solar system in your house.  Had a read through, and in the first line of the literature, there was a missing apostrophe.  OK, no big deal, except the whole thing was about “uncompromising quality” and “stringent standards”.  I felt it was a bit like when someone’s CV says they have brilliant communication skills, and yet it’s riddled with typos. 

Whilst I’m very interested in the possibilities of domestically produced solar energy, I don’t know anything about how one goes about installing such a system.  This means I’d have to trust the firm to know that they’re doing.  I do know a bit about apostrophes though, hence I spotted the mistake.  I can’t help feeling that if the firm doesn’t get right the thing I know about, how can I have confidence that it’ll get right the thing I don’t know about?

A tiny thing, and I’m probably being unnecessarily pernickety, but as so often, the devil is in the detail.