Quick update on veggie successes and failures to date.

Potatoes:  second earlies – all flowering beautifully.  No sign of flowers on the first earlies which went in weeks before….go figure!  Main crop – starting to come through now after a slow start (sure today’s rain will have helped). 

Peas: growing strongly, just started flowering – so far avoiding pigeon damage!

Onions: also growing well

Parsnips & carrots: plants in general looking good and seem to have survived the transplanting with one or two wilting exceptions.

Spinach: top, top crop – really pleased with it.  When it’s growing too fast for us to eat, the hens love it, so it won’t go to waste.

Lettuce: half original crop damaged by pigeons, but surviving half growing strongly.  Newly sewn row just starting to come though now.  (Rocket never germinated – either old seed, or something got it straightaway.)

Broccoli: now safely netted, recovering well from initial pigeon attack!  Plants looking healthy and only slightly nibbled in places…

Courgettes: I was late with these, but plants starting to come through now.

Cauliflower: I think they’re germinating, but very slowly! 

Herbs: all looking good with the exception of the sage which was looking very woody and which I’ve cut back a fair bit.  May take some time to recover and get its shape back.

All in all, looking good for plenty of veg this year – and hopefully no E. coli!!! 😉