So, the German‘s have decided they will shut down all their nuclear reactors by 2022 following the disaster in Japan.  A sensible decision in my view – though obviously controversial judging by the wide range of responses in the media.

We can surely all agree that nuclear is not safe, and that its danger is not just in the immediate aftermath of any incident, but in problems of long-term contamination.  So hurrah to the Germans for deciding to shut down that form of energy production.  We must learn to do without it.  But not so hurrah if it simply means buying in their energy from nuclear sources from other countries (France, for instance).  Or if it means greater reliance on fossil fuels (e.g. coal-fired power stations). 

Let’s hope then that their overall philosophy is achieved in practice.  Develop renewable energy sources and at the same time use modern technology to reduce the energy requirements of homes and businesses.  Sounds good to me.  Very good.  Well done for taking the lead, Germany.