Spent a fair amount of time in the garden today.  Cleaned the hens out, and then concentrated on weeding the veggie patch, along with the area around the raised beds, and the herb garden (the hens getting all the resulting weeds to pick through). 

The garden looks much better for it, but it occurs to me that my weeding has an air of the medieval witch hunt about it.  A small plant falls foul of my hand fork, and I look at it dubiously.  Is it a weed, or is it a precious seedling?  Undecided,  I put it back in the ground, firming up the soil around it, just in case.  But I know full well that if it was an innocent seedling, it will die, whereas if it was a weed, it’ll bounce back with vigour as though nothing had happened.   Grr.

Tonight though, we’ll reap the rewards of our labours.  Omelette for tea (eggs from the hens, chives from the garden), followed by rhubarb crumble (rhubarb freshly picked this afternoon).  Very satisfying.   😉