I used to worry about my veggies getting eaten by slugs and so forth.  I’ve taken to planting vulnerable things like lettuce in between the rows of strong smelling stuff like onions, in the hope it’ll help discourage the smaller predators.  What I’ve not thought about until recently is pigeon damage, but lately it’s becoming a nuisance.  They’ve now had half a row of lettuce, and made a pretty good job of the tender new broccoli plants which had just begun to look promising.  As a result, I’ve had to net the broccoli – which I hope will keep them off and give the plants a chance to recover.

I’ve sown some more lettuce to replace the previous destroyed crop (haven’t got enough net to cover those too – they’ll just have to take their chances), plus some courgettes and some cauliflower.   That’s pretty much used up the main veg plot now.  There are still a few raised beds empty, but they’ll be taking the thinings from the carrots and parsnips I think.  Another job I’ve not yet got round to.  😉