Having put my first earlies and second earlies in so…erm….early, I kind of forgot about the mids and the lates…..  Anyway, popped to a local independent nursery this afternoon, and picked up some more seed potatoes (Wilja) to give me a mid-crop.  Three and a bit rows dug in – which should do us.

As you can see, the earlies are going great guns – only the second earlies are still ahead of the first!  There’s no accounting for the vagaries of nature, is there?! 

Finished off the last of the leeks from the winter (in a cottage pie – had to improvise as we had no carrots), so that’s another raised bed clear for some more goodies.

Lots of weeding and thinning out still to do….  But right now I’m off to sample that cottage pie!  😉