Apparently people are beginning to hate Tesco so much, they’ve been driven to violence.  (See  Whilst I don’t condone violent demonstrations, I have to admit to a secret joy that people appear willing to get so worked up about a new store.  Whilst from a business sense, one has to admire Tesco, its success, and its ability to respond to the market, what is not so admirable is the way it buys up land around its competitors, and forces small, local stores out of business.  I, for one, am uncomfortable with one supermarket being quite so super, and having quite so much power.   Losing all our small, independent shops, losing choice and individuality,  is a huge price to pay for being able to buy lots of cheap stuff under one roof.

And a bit of me thinks if violent protest is what it takes to make people sit up and notice, then so be it.