You may remember that some time ago I mentioned seeing a gorgeous – but ridiculously expensive – hen-house in the style of a gypsy caravan?  And I probably made some throw away comment that we’d just get some wood and build our own for free…  Well, last week, some wood happened to come our way (someone’s old garage roof they’d dismantled, I believe).  So we ear-marked today as the build day.

The base and floor


The roof
Three sides on….

...and the roof on

Some members of the household were less than helpful

We’ve watched a fair few “Grand Designs” in our time, and quite like the idea of building a proper house one day, but I’m not sure either of us was really sure we could actually build a gypsy caravan from scratch as we stood there this morning with nothing more than a pile of wood and a sketched plan with some dodgy measurements.  And there were several moments when our novice construction skills were put to the test (“…how do we….?”  “Ah, this bit doesn’t fit…”  “Maybe we should have done that bit first….”) but after about eight hours work, we have now succeeded in producing the main structure, complete with stable type door, and a window which will have shutters (we ran out of light this evening so more photos tomorrow!). 

OK, the finished product is unlikely to be as glamorous as those lovely ones for several thousand pounds, but we’re justified in being quite proud of ourselves – not least for avoiding a single argument in the process!!

I wonder if Kevin McCloud would be impressed?!  😉