Five new arrivals today, from the usual chicken farm.  They’re relative youngsters (60 weeks) – only available as they had escaped from their shed/enclosure (?) are were therefore unable to be returned to the flock because of the risk of disease contamination.  Thus, if we’d not provided a home for them, they’d have been for the chop. 


Not quite sure how far they’d escaped, or where they’d ended up, but presumably we’ll have to be on the look out in case they try to escape from our hen enclosure!  For the moment, we’ve penned them separately from our other girls – just until they’ve all go to know one another a bit. One has already hopped over the fence and been beaten up by the established group! 

So our garden looks more like a small holding than ever now – especially now more of the veggies are coming through (carrots looking good, parsnips just peeping through).