Just so Dettol don’t think I’m picking on them, what about Glade or Air Wick Air Fresheners – the “automatic” ones?  “Automatic” meaning, of course, BATTERY powered!  So, you spend your hard-earned cash buying something made of plastic (which will probably end up in landfill), which has to be powered by batteries (which will probably end up in landfill), and it sits in your lounge or wherever, spewing chemicals into your house to mask the smell (of what??!) because adverts have made you paranoid that your home might smell revolting to other people, but you’ve got accustomed to it because you live with it all the time…   

And if you’re thinking of purchasing such an item, don’t feel you have to just take on board my (totally biased) view – an internet review of one of these products said it “smells stronger than the armpit of beelzebub” (see http://www.ciao.co.uk/Air_Wick_Freshmatic_Automatic_Spray__Review_5918799  for more amusing feedback).

I’ve got an idea – instead of “automatic air fresheners“, why not…..er…..open a window!!  Or failing that, get a Victorian airer on which to dry your laundry – a two-fold benefit as 1) you won’t need to use the tumbledryer, and 2) you’ll find the lovely smell of clean clothes pervades your home.   Spend the money you save on having a drink in the pub with your mates, or donate it to charity, or better still, don’t work such long hours and instead do something more meaningful with your newly acquired spare time.

Let’s all make a pledge to stop buying tat we don’t need!  😉