Something nice about starting off the day eating homemade rhubarb marmalade on toast (not as weird as it sounds – trust me!), and then being able to spend some time in the garden after work, tidying up the herb garden.  It’s suddenly as though spring is really in the air – buds appearing, crocuses, daffs, forsythia coming out.  It’s amazing – a few weeks ago (it seems) everything in the garden was frozen solid – now, it’s like all that weather never happened.  And the days are getting longer – clocks will soon be changing – and there’s all that glorious summer stretching before us.  Hopefully the potatoes and the onions are starting to grow.  The garlic is doing well.  Time to make a start on the raised beds.  Oh, and we need to build that cold frame we’ve been planning for ages….

All I can say is that it’s a good job the days are getting longer – I’m gonna need all the hours I can get! 😉