Second earlies in; onion sets in.  Feels like the garden is beginning to wake up after the harsh winter.  The soil is lovely to work with (the result, I assume, of a combination of my earlier digging/manuring and the frequent sharp frosts), and the potatoes had chitted beautifully so they look better than the first earlies.  Fingers crossed for both. 

I’ve had to bury the onions a little deeper than is perhaps ideal – the hens are as usual fascinated with my gardening and are in danger of simply digging them all up again and scattering them everywhere.  I tried shutting them in (the hens, not the onions, obviously!) but two of them can get over the wire of the run now.  We really need to re-do the run – making it bigger for them and higher for their safety and the safety of my veggies!  Time to source some longer fence posts – wonder if the egg earnings will stretch that far….!