Bought a great little book called “1001 little ways to save our planet” by Esme Floyd (find it at if you’re interested).  It’s broken down into various sections such as heating & energy, washing & drying, furniture, clothing, shopping, tourism etc.  Each section has a number of suggestions for things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.  Some are incredibly easy and you probably already do them [e.g. 769: Visit the Library], others are a little more tricky.  One or two I disagree with anyway (e.g.  tip 986 includes “raise your cats as indoor pets” – personally, I think that’s a cruel and unnatural way to keep such an athletic and partially nocturnal animal).  But the majority of the book contains sound advice – and some of the tips (e.g. the information on what to watch out for when buying and using washing powders and liquids) look as though they will be really useful.

The only thing I might take issue with is the “little” in the title.  For instance, tip 115 is “add a conservatory to your home to trap the heat of the sun”….. A whole conservatory?  Now that strikes me as a fairly large project!  😉