As a creature of habit, I rarely stray from the confines of google whilst surfing the web.  It hardly ever occurs to me to try using a different search engine, but I realise there are lots out there these days, and perhaps some of them are worth investigating. I’ve just found out about Ecosia – a search engine based on Yahoo and Bing which has pledged to donate 80% of the income it generates to support the WWF‘s work with rainforests in the Amazon.  

Having done a little delving, there is a variety of other search engines out there which might also appeal to the ethically minded, including: EcoSearch, Ecocho and Treehoo!

There’s an old saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  So many eco-friendly lifestyle choices seem quite difficult to maintain, but using a different search engine – that seems a fairly straightforward step to me!