Our Home Energy Monitor arrived today and, if you can get over the irony of the fact this is something else you have to plug in, it might be quite a useful addition to the household.  And yes, it also requires batteries – and the bit where the batteries go has to be outside by the electricity meter meaning, presumably, that the batteries will not hold their charge for very long as they’ll be operating in the cold.  Oh, and the ones supplied aren’t rechargeable.  What would be really good is if the device came with its own little solar panel so it could be self-sufficient…  Still, let’s not knock the principle of the idea just yet!

We’ve yet to try turning on all the various gadgets and gizmos in the house (though I suspect that might become part of this evening’s entertainment!), but of the items tested so far, the kettle seems the most alarming!  I await the results for the washing machine with some trepidation!  😉

If you want more info about the “smartpower” monitor, see www.npower.com/yourmonitorexplained