They’re coming to sort out the flue for the log burner on Monday (just as it’s getting milder – some irony there after the winter we’ve had!).  We suddenly realised we have nothing much to burn on said log burner.  Those paper logs are still in the pipeline but tricky to dry successfully this time of year.  So, wheelbarrows to the fore, up the lane by the wood we went, collecting wind-fall timber.  As Muddy Boots observes, “Wood keeps you warm three times – once when you collect it, once when you chop it up, and once when you burn it.”  Plus, it’s carbon neutral since the carbon wood releases into the atmosphere is only equivalent to the amount it’s absorbed while it was growing.  And it’s free (though I appreciate we’re quite lucky being so close to woodland – if you live in a more urban environment, I guess stealing branches from nextdoor’s trees isn’t really on!).

I suspect what we’ve collected won’t last long though and (depending on how the weather goes over the next couple of months) we’ll be back out there with those wheelbarrows many more times in the future.   😉