They give you a wheelie bin for your rubbish….  It’s big and heavy – too heavy for a man to lift in the way they used to do in the old days with those metal dustbins (Health & Safety!).  These wheelie bins are lifted by some kind of hydraulic lift on the dustcarts themselves. 

Then they decide recycling is important – so they give you boxes (or possibly another wheelie bin) to collect your recycling.   In theory, this means you will have less rubbish to throw into the “land fill” wheelie bin, so you now only half-fill it.  So you could, in theory, now manage with a small bin, which would take up less room in your garden, and help accommodate the recycling boxes.

But I’m guessing the wheelie bins will always remain oversized – because they’ve been built to fit the dustcarts, and in order to change the size of the wheelie bins, they’d have to change all the dustcarts and all the wheelie bins at the same time…which in itself might be considered unenvironmentally friendly. 

So we stick with the huge wheelie bins.  And the problem with that is probably something to do with nature abhorring a vacuum – because weirdly, those big bins tend to get filled.  How does that happen?  Are we just producing more (non-recyclable) rubbish?  Or is it just that we don’t stamp it down to get the lid shut any more?!

I think size matters – and I think sometimes small is better!  😉