So, our hens are all normal Warrens – you know, the ones which just look like…well….chickens.  At the yard where we keep our ponies, there’s a much larger flock of hens, of varying types.  My hens always take a great interest in my gardening and talk to me lots as they bob about doing the weeding.  Similarly, yesterday the hens at the yard came to watch me shovelling the lovely rotted manure from last year’s muck heap into bags, and they chatted away.  The Warrens amongst them clucked in just the same way as ours – rather like anxious middle-aged black country women (“awww – cluck”), but the others clucked in a much softer way.  Presumably, just like any other birds, different types of hen have a different call…..I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before, but somehow it’s harder to imagine with hens. 

Does this mean different types of cow (as opposed to different cows!) moo in different “accents”?!  Or pigs or sheep? 

Maybe I should stop spending so much time with the hens….!