Bought a paper log maker this morning from a charity shop – in its original packaging – doesn’t look as if it’s been used.  An unwanted present?  Or the evidence of good intentions not quite coming to fruition?

Having done a bit of research, accepted wisdom would suggest I’ve made this purchase at the wrong time of year – I should have got one in the summer months, so my paper logs would have been able to dry out properly in the hot summer sunshine….  But, hey, I’ll try them out in the airing cupboard, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll save major production until next summer!

As a purchase, it ticks all the boxes for me – a) it’ll help us provide our own (free!) fuel for our open fire and log burner, b) it’ll mean we can put to good use all the waste paper we currently recycle – and as we all know, whilst recycling is great, re-using is even better, c) now when I treat myself to a Sunday paper and don’t get through it all, I won’t feel guilty at the purchase, and d) if, as would appear to be the case with the original owner, I never get round to using the thing, I can still feel that it wasn’t a pointless purchase, because at least I’ve made a donation to charity in the process.

That’s the kind of consumerism even I rather like!